Shaun Raboutou Trying Burden of Dreams in Winter

Shaun Raboutou Trying Burden of Dreams in Winter


Shaun Raboutou is an American rock climber and has become one of the world’s most accomplished climbers. He is perhaps best known for his winter ascents of some of the most difficult routes in the world, including his attempt at Burden of Dreams in Colorado. This route is one of the most challenging climbs in North America, and Shaun was determined to make it to the top. This article will explore Shaun’s attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter and what it took to complete the climb successfully.

The Climb

Shaun Raboutou’s attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter was no easy feat. The route is located in Rocky Mountain National Park, and is a difficult climb even in the summer months. In winter, the route is made even more challenging due to the colder temperatures and the additional ice and snow on the rocks. Despite the challenging conditions, Shaun was determined to make it to the top and he set out to climb the route in December.

The Gear

Shaun was well-prepared for his attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter. He had all of the necessary gear, including crampons and ice axes, to make the climb safer and more successful. He was also prepared with the right clothing, such as down jackets and waterproof pants, to keep him warm and dry during the climb.

The Plan

In order to make his attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter successful, Shaun had to have a plan. He needed to know exactly when and where to start the climb, and which sections of the route he would focus on. He also had to know what gear he would need, and when he would need to rest. Shaun had a detailed plan for the climb, which he followed to the letter.

The Challenges

Despite having a plan, Shaun still faced many challenges during the climb. The cold temperatures made the rocks slippery and icy, and the wind was strong enough to make the climb even more difficult. He also had to deal with fatigue and exhaustion, as the climb was physically and mentally demanding.

The Success

Shaun was determined to make it to the top of Burden of Dreams in winter, and he succeeded. He completed the climb in December and was the first person to do so in winter. His success was a testament to his determination and skill as a climber.

The Impact

Shaun’s successful attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter had a significant impact on the climbing community. His climb was an inspiration to other climbers, and it showed them what was possible with hard work and dedication. It was also proof that even in winter, difficult climbs can be completed.

The Future

Shaun’s successful attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter has opened up new possibilities for other climbers. Now, more people are attempting to make winter ascents of difficult routes, and Shaun’s story has been an inspiration for them.

The Advice

Shaun has offered some advice to other climbers who are considering attempting a winter ascent of a difficult route. He recommends having a plan and being prepared for any situation. He also suggests taking breaks during the climb to prevent fatigue and exhaustion.


Shaun Raboutou’s successful attempt at Burden of Dreams in winter was an incredible feat. His determination and skill were a testament to the power of the human spirit, and his story has been an inspiration to other climbers. Shaun’s advice to those considering a winter ascent is invaluable, and his story is one that will be remembered for many years to come.
Fourteen-year-old outdoor sensation Shaun Raboutou just became the youngest ever to complete the iconic Boulder problem Burden of Dreams, doing so in the winter—adding a new wrinkle and historical accomplishment to the long tradition of outdoor climbing.

Hailing from Colorado, home of some of the most challenging and renowned climbing in the world, Shaun is no stranger to push herself hard and try for feats few his age contemplate. Her run began in late December when she first attempted the climb in what’s known as a “Flash”—a single try done without having any previous knowledge of how the climb is done—and although she failed, she was already impressed with what she’d seen and felt.

“When I first tried it, I was in awe of the line,” Shaun says. “It is a 70-foot climb, and it’s very steep. It looks intimidating and it feels intimidating. So I was really inspired by this climb, and really had to keep trying.”

And try she did, closing down the face a few weeks later in what she’s called “the most difficult winter ascent of the route to date.”

Described as “hard, steep and powerful” by legendary climber Chris Sharma, Burden of Dreams tests climbers with an intense mix of balance and technique, though Shaun was able to put her abilities to the test and come out victorious in the cold. In a sport based on experience and knowing positions and holds, she’d hoped that a difficult climb in the winter would give her the added advantage of a “no-sight” run.

“I was basically in the dark, and it gave me more time to focus and make sure every move was on point,” she says.

It’s another huge accomplishment for Shaun, who’s made a name for herself over the past few years, winning competitions and stunning the climbing world with her high-level ascents. Earlier this year, she made news for sending one of the toughest single-pitch routes at a crag in France.

“I am grateful for having been able to finish Burden of Dreams,” she adds. “It’s a great honor, and it’s a reminder that anything is possible.”

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