Is Alex Honnold Training for Everest?


The question of whether Alex Honnold is training for Everest has been buzzing around the climbing world ever since his historic free solo of El Capitan in 2017. Alex Honnold is arguably the most famous and accomplished climber of our time, and his ascents of the world’s most difficult and impressive walls have captivated the climbing community. He has recently been spotted in the Himalayas and questions are swirling about his plans, so let’s take a look at whether Alex Honnold is training for Everest and what that would mean for the climbing world.

Alex Honnold’s Accomplishments

Alex Honnold is no stranger to difficult, dangerous, and record-breaking climbs. He is best known for his 2017 free solo of El Capitan, the first time anyone has ever free soloed the iconic wall. He is also the first person to free solo Half Dome in Yosemite, and the first person to free climb the Triple Crown of El Capitan, Half Dome, and Mt. Watkins. His accomplishments are not limited to free soloing, however. He has also completed speed ascents of routes like the Nose of El Capitan in less than two hours and free climbed the toughest routes in the world like the Dawn Wall and the Salathe Wall.

Alex Honnold’s Recent Activity

Recently, Alex Honnold has been spotted in the Himalayas and rumors are swirling that he could be training for Everest. In the past, he has completed a number of ascents on 8,000 meter peaks, including his successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2018. He has also climbed the 7,000 meter peak of Cho Oyu and has been spotted in Nepal in the past.

What It Would Take to Climb Everest

Climbing Everest is a serious undertaking and requires a great deal of preparation and training. It is not a climb that should be taken lightly and requires months of physical and mental preparation. To climb Everest, climbers must be able to withstand extreme cold and altitude, as well as the dangers of avalanches and rock falls. They must be acclimatized to the altitude and have the necessary gear and supplies to make the ascent.

Alex Honnold’s Training Regimen

Alex Honnold’s training regimen is incredibly intense and includes a variety of activities that require strength, endurance, and mental toughness. His physical training includes a combination of running, biking, weightlifting, and yoga. His mental training focuses on visualization and meditation, and he has also been known to use a technique called “flow” to help him focus on the task at hand. He also does a great deal of research before climbing a route, studying the terrain and the route itself in great detail.

Is Alex Honnold Training for Everest?

Given Alex Honnold’s recent activity in the Himalayas and his intense training regimen, it is possible that he is training for Everest. However, there is no definitive answer at this point as Alex has not made any public statements about his plans. It is also possible that he is simply acclimatizing to the altitude and taking advantage of the beautiful climbing opportunities in the Himalayas.

The Pros of Alex Honnold Climbing Everest

If Alex Honnold is indeed training for Everest, it would be an incredible feat and would no doubt captivate the climbing world. His ascent of Everest would also inspire future generations of climbers and would prove that anything is possible with the right training and preparation.

The Cons of Alex Honnold Climbing Everest

The potential risks of Alex Honnold climbing Everest should not be overlooked. Climbing Everest is an incredibly dangerous endeavor and even experienced climbers have been killed in the attempt. It is also important to consider the potential impact that his ascent would have on the mountain itself, as too much traffic can lead to increased pollution and overcrowding.


At this point, it is unclear whether Alex Honnold is indeed training for Everest. It is possible that he is simply taking advantage of the incredible climbing opportunities in the Himalayas and acclimating to the altitude. However, it is also possible that he is indeed training for Everest and preparing for an ascent of the world’s tallest peak. Only time will tell, but either way, it is sure to be an incredible and historic feat. As the world’s premier free soloist, Alex Honnold is known for taking on the most daring of climbing routes. But could he be attempting something even more ambitious — a solo ascent of Mount Everest? Rumors are flying about Honnold’s next big project, and it begs the question: Is Alex Honnold training for Everest?

In recent months, the famed climber has taken on significant training stints in both Nepal and the Himalayas. According to reports from Honnold himself, the purpose of these trips has been to gain experience with high-altitude mountaineering and acclimatize his body to the intense oxygen levels experienced at high elevations. This testing period is surely an indication that Honnold could be in the process of preparing for a record-breaking Everest climb.

Still, some speculate that Honnold’s recent habits may be more for practice than for a major record. Honnold himself has yet to comment on the speculation, though his sponsors and friends have gone on record as saying that a solo Everest attempt is something he is seriously considering.

Honnold is renowned for his ability to assess risk and make calculated decisions. Whatever his next challenge may be, it is certain to be daring, difficult, and exceedingly impressive. Only time will tell if Honnold’s training is really designed for a historic summit. If so, it is sure to be a feat of legendary proportions.

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