Canadians Climb New Route in Patagonia

Canadians Climb New Route in Patagonia

Two Canadians have become the first people to climb a new route up a remote mountain in Patagonia. Not only did the pair summit the mountain, they also completed the entire climb in a single day. This accomplishment is a testament to the skill and determination of the climbers, and is a remarkable achievement.

The Canadian Climbing Duo

The two Canadians who completed the climb are Jean-Philippe Veillette and Mathieu Audette. Both are experienced mountaineers, with a long history of challenging climbs behind them. Veillette is a professional guide and climbing instructor, while Audette is an experienced climber who has completed numerous ascents in the Canadian Rockies.

The Mountain of Patagonia

The mountain that the pair climbed is located in the Patagonian region of Argentina. It is a remote peak, located in a largely unexplored area. The mountain stands at around 2,000 meters tall, and is composed of granite and quartzite. It is an imposing structure, and one which posed a significant challenge to the climbers.

The Ascent

Veillette and Audette began their ascent at 4am, and were able to complete the climb in a single day. The pair made the climb in a style known as “fast and light”, meaning they carried minimal supplies and equipment, and moved at a very fast pace. This allowed them to complete the climb in a single day, an impressive feat given the difficulty of the mountain.

The Route

The route that the pair climbed was a new one, never before attempted. It was the result of months of planning and preparation, with Veillette and Audette scouting the mountain and plotting their route. This route took them up the East Face of the mountain, and included multiple pitches of overhanging rock.

The Descent

The descent from the summit was equally as challenging as the climb up. The pair rappelled down the face of the mountain, with Veillette leading the way. This required a high level of skill and technical ability, as a single mistake could have been disastrous. After several hours of rappelling, the pair reached the base of the mountain and were able to celebrate their accomplishment.

The Equipment

The equipment that Veillette and Audette used during their climb was essential to their success. They carried a variety of items, including ropes, carabiners, slings, harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes. All of these items were essential for the climb, and allowed the pair to ascend the mountain safely and efficiently.

The Challenges

The climb was not without its challenges. The pair faced difficult weather conditions, including high winds and intense sun. In addition, the mountain was remote and largely unexplored, meaning that the pair had to be prepared for any eventuality. Despite these challenges, however, the pair were successful in their ascent.

Reactions to the Climb

The successful climb has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm and admiration. Veillette and Audette have been widely praised for their accomplishment, and their feat has been celebrated by climbers around the world. It is a remarkable achievement, and one which will be remembered for many years to come.

The Future of the Mountain

The climb has also sparked a great deal of interest in the mountain. It is likely that more climbers will attempt the same route, and it is possible that the mountain will become a popular destination for mountaineers. The success of Veillette and Audette has opened up a new and exciting opportunity for climbers.


The successful climb of the Patagonian mountain by Veillette and Audette is a remarkable accomplishment. It required skill, determination, and courage, and has been met with great enthusiasm by climbers around the world. The success of the climb has also sparked a great deal of interest in the mountain, and it is likely that more climbers will attempt the same route in the future.

Canadians Reach the Summit of Patagonia’s Unclimbed Peak

Canadian mountaineering athletes, Sarah Hueniken and Mark Sterritt, have recently achieved what many consider to be the impossible – reaching the summit of an unclimbed peak in the remote Patagonian region of Argentina. The two-member team set out on December 22nd, 2019 and reached the summit of the peak on January 2nd, 2020.

The team, which also included a cameraman, began their journey in the small town of El Chaltén, Argentina. They made the roughly 50 kilometer journey to the base camp in two days, stopping to prepare in small villages along the way. Once they arrived, they began their ascent into the Patagonian backcountry.

Upon reaching the summit, Hueniken and Sterritt declared the peak to be Mt. Hueniken-Sterritt. It is the first peak in the region to be named after two climbers. The team was emotional upon reaching the summit and celebrated with heartfelt hugs.

Hueniken and Sterritt’s valiant climb is a great accomplishment for Canadian mountaineers. The duo experienced some of the world’s most extreme conditions, encountering powerful winds, extreme temperatures and high elevations. Their courage and determination have been widely praised in the mountaineering community and beyond.

Their story serves as an inspiration for other Canadian mountaineers, beckoning them to push their boundaries and explore new terrains. Hueniken and Sterritt’s climb is a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance and a desire to take on the challenge of the unknown.

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