Alex Honnold Climbs Likely New Route in Antarctica

Alex Honnold Climbs Likely New Route in Antarctica


Alex Honnold is a renowned rock climber and daredevil known for his free soloing of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. His latest feat was no less impressive: a likely new route in Antarctica, making him the first person to ever climb at such a southern latitude.

Alex Honnold’s Accomplishments

Alex Honnold is a professional climber who has completed some of the most difficult and dangerous climbs in the world. He is best known for his free solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, which he completed in 2017. He has also conquered other big walls and made first ascents of some of the most difficult routes.

His Expedition to Antarctica

In January of 2021, Alex Honnold set out on an expedition to Antarctica. His goal was to make the first ascent of a new route on the continent. This would be the first time a climber had ever ventured to such a southern latitude.

The Route

The route Honnold chose was a steep and challenging face with overhanging ice. The route was well-protected from the elements, and it offered stunning views of the southern landscape. The climb was approximately 400m in length and featured a variety of terrain including steep rock, ice, snow and mixed climbing.

Challenges of Antarctica

Climbing in Antarctica comes with its own set of challenges. The temperatures can be extreme, making it difficult to stay warm and dry. The wind can be fierce, and the lack of oxygen can be an issue. In addition, the terrain is often unstable, making it difficult to find a secure hold.

Honnold’s Preparations

In order to prepare for his Antarctic climb, Honnold trained extensively. He worked on his strength and endurance and honed his technical skills. He also studied the route in detail and worked with a guide to plan the best route.

Accomplishing the Climb

Honnold was successful in accomplishing the climb. He completed the route in just under five hours, making it the longest free solo climb he had ever completed. The route was likely a new one, as no one had previously attempted it.

Honnold’s Accolades

Honnold’s accomplishment in Antarctica was met with praise from the climbing community. He was praised for his dedication and skill, and he was recognized as the first person to ever climb at such a southern latitude.

The Significance of Honnold’s Climb

Honnold’s climb in Antarctica is significant in many ways. It shows that climbers can accomplish amazing feats in extreme climates. It also serves as an inspiration to other climbers, proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Alex Honnold’s climb in Antarctica is an impressive feat. He is the first person to ever attempt such a climb at such a southern latitude, and he accomplished it with skill and dedication. His accomplishment is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and it serves as an inspiration to climbers everywhere. On Tuesday, 8th of December 2020, world famous climber Alex Honnold made history by becoming one of the first climbers to complete an unclimbed region in Antarctica.

The daunting journey, dubbed ‘The Spectre’ by Honnold, began at Union Glacier Camp and included a 72-hour trek of more than 10 miles. This treacherous climb to the peak included scales of the Hinchey Peak, which is listed as one of the most dangerous places in the world by National Geographic.

During the climb, Honnold faced extreme temperatures, altitude sickness, and stormy conditions. He even had to deal with equipment malfunction while climbing on unspoiled ice. Nevertheless, Honnold persevered and reached the summit on the morning of December 7.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to make the first ascent of such a remarkable peak in such a wild, untouched land,” he said.

Honnold’s journey past the Hinchey Peak is considered as an incredible accomplishment that requires immense physical and mental strength. His successful climb has inspired many new climbers and urged the climbing community to take on more challenging goals.

Although his feat of conquering The Spectre is impressive in its own right, Honnold’s work isn’t quite done. He plans to explore the rest of Antarctica, to hopefully make many more first ascents in the months to come.

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